08 Apr 2021 by navish

I gave a virtual talk titled “The bacterial flagellar engine has an automatic gearshift” at the Microscale Ocean Biophysics Seminar Series. Thanks to Marco Polin for the invitation. The slides used for the talk can be found here.

05 Apr 2021 by navish

Our latest on the mechanosensitive remodeling of the flagellar motor is out in PNAS. We show that mechano-adaptation in the bacterial flagellar motor is independent of its direction of rotation. Check out the paper on PNAS website.

19 Mar 2021 by navish

I gave a talk titled “Does the bacterial flagellar motor have an automatic gearshift?” at the 2021 APS March meeting. The talk was delivered virtually and can be viewed through the meeting website, in the session Y12 Physics of Emergent Protein-Complex Assemblies. The slides used for the talk can be found here.

20 Jan 2021 by navish

I am very excited to share this new piece from my postdoc research. We spun bacteria with ultrafast rotating electric fields to learn about how the flagellar motor unbuilds and rebuilds itself. Check out the preprint on bioRxiv.

30 Jul 2020 by navish

I received a five year K99/R00 award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences at the NIH. This award will provide me with two years of funding for postdoctoral research and three years of funding for my future independent laboratory. I am very grateful to the NIH for the support.